All Of our Jewelry is Made According to Your Tastes ,

You will Choose the Stone
You desire and than see it in the moutnings  before they are set and polished to a
mind blowing Sparkle .

Get the Size You want in the Mounting you love .

Get That Gorgeous Ring on your Finger in Record Time !
Don't wait 3-4 weeks to receive a cookie cutter Ring , walk in, make a Masterpiece and walk
out with the piece of your dreams Usually in one day (more complicated jobs will take
longer,between 3-5 days)

Do you want a one of kind Piece ? We Work with  jewelers who can
literally make any ring you desire by hand ,Usually with a 3-5 day
turnaround and they will work it until you are thoroughly satisfied
with your new Moissanite Masterpiece

And Of Course - Jewelery Health Insurance included !
Moissanite Studs !
14 kt White or Yellow Gold, Custom Made to order in as little as one to two hours. All
Shapes and Sizes available .Just pick the Size that fits and we will do the rest.  Can
also be Shipped

  4 Prong 14 Kt Gold
14 Kt Gold 3 Prong
Martini Style
Bezel Set 14 Kt Gold
5 mm Round Moissanite
1 Carat Total Weight
6 mm Round Moissanite
1.50 Carat Total Weight
6.5 mm Round Moissanite
2.0 Carat Total Weight
7.0 mm Round Moissanite
2.40 ct Total Weight
7.5 mm Round Moissanite
3 carat Total Weight
8.0 mm Round Moissanite
4.00 carat Total Weight
8.5 mm Round Moissanite
4.50 ct Total Weight
9.0 mm Round Moissanite
5.50 ct Total Weight
M a n h a t T a n    M o i s s a n i T e  Jewelery
See the Moissanite, in person, before you purchase it !
            A nd C Gem Trading  is Manhattan Moissanite
    44 w 47th in the IGT Jewelery Shopping Mall ,Ny NY
                             212- 354- 4189