A and C Gem Trading Corp
All Gemstones-  all the Time -
Genuine Gems that are all ethically sourced and hand chosen for beauty!
We hand select every single gem in our inventory to give you the best choices!
So many color sapphires!
Peach Sapphires
Pink Sapphires
Champagne Sapphires
Yellow Sapphires
Orange Sapphires
Purple Sapphires
Green Sapphires
Cognac Sapphires
White Sapphires
Of course, every shade of Blue!

So many shapes!
Cushion shape
Oval Shape
Rectangular Shape
Round Shape
Pear Shape
Square Shape
Heart Shape

Some deeply saturated sapphires
All Colors Represented
Tourmalines to treat yourself/Accent stones, center stones
Pink, Green, Blue, Bi-color
Take a sprinkle of Sapphires for your confetti!
GIA certified
Ceylon Sapphires!

And Much More
Rubellite delight!!!

Take a pair for earrings- matched with green oval
Paraiba Tourmalines- GIA certified!

Or 18 carats of Hot Pink pearshape, Gem quality
Rubellite to put into a pendant!

A suite of Pink Tourmalines with Aquamarines!

Choose your special Gem, with confidence!

We have the largest selection of Fine Precious and Semi-precious Colored Gemstones at the street level, in the  
Diamond District

Easy access to our showroom!  Just walk into the IGT Jewelry Shopping Mall and visit us!  No elevators, no
appointment necessary (although, it is encouraged)

Over 30 years in business, as a brick and mortar colored stone gem dealer.  We have been doing this a long time
because we are the best

GIA Graduate Gemologist
JVC members
Diamond Distrist BID members
Womens Jewelry Association Members

Unheated Multi Color Ceylon Sapphire Suite

All kinds a fnky
semi precious
Mint Tourmaline
Soft Pastel Ceylon
Sapphire Radiant cut
                              A and C Gem Trading  
       44 w 47th in the IGT Jewelery Shopping Mall ,Ny NY
     212- 354- 4189