A and C Gem Trading Corp is Located in the
IGT Jewelery Shopping Mall at 44 w 47th Street Booth #23

Authorized Dealers - You can't get any closer the source.  We are Charles and
Colvard authorized Moissanite dealers.

Price Matching Policy-  We will match the prices for any legitimate Charles and
Colvard Moissanite website.  This excludes any auction or second hand sites.

Wholesale Gem Dealer that has been in business for the last 30 + Years ,
in the Heart of the Diamond District in NYC .Although Our Roots are in Genuine
Gemstones  Such as Sapphire ,Ruby ,Emeralds ,Aquamarine ,Peridots,, Tourmaline's
and Much more .We felt that Moissanite Special Properties as well as the fact as
there being nothing on the market quite like it were a great match for our Business

Moissanite is quite Simply the closest you can come to a diamond at a
fraction of the cost and i can assure all my customers that no one ....Not even a
seasoned jeweler could tell the difference  

Moissanite Color is a Realistic Representation of a Diamond - all Stones are
Near colorless ( in the H-I Color Range) as are the Highest Percentage of Diamonds
Sold in the United States ,Truly Identical to a Diamond !

See it for yourself ! In Person at our Convenient Location and while you are
there you will see our Fine Selection of genuine Gems

You can be confident in the fact that you are getting the real article .
Not a "moissanite Diamond" or a "Synthetic Moissanite Stimulant" among many
ways others will try to misrepresent there inferior goods as true Moissanite

You Will Receive a Warranty registration  From Charles and Colvard ,the
Originator's of Moissanite

Call Now - 212-354-4189 or outside of NYC - 1-800-717-8663

Open Monday through Friday 9-5 pm

A and C Gem Trading Corp Presents
M a n h a t T T a n    M o i s s a n i T e
See the Moissanite, in person, before you purchase it !
      44 w 47th in the IGT Jewelery Shopping Mall ,Ny NY
                               212- 354- 4189